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Community Administrator Documentation

Setup a Socialcast Community

A simple process to get your community up and running.

Customizing Your Community

Socialcast provides a community administrator with numerous options for customizing the community, from changing the visual theme of the site to modifying the community privacy policies.

Administrator Tools

Once your community is up and running, the community administrator can take advantage of a number of Socialcast’s tools.

Managing Users

Socialcast provides a number of user management tools allowing the community administrator to invite new users and control user access to various Socialcast features.

Directory Integration

Use your LDAP v3 compatible directory to create and manage user accounts inside Socialcast.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Socialcast SSO is a quick and easy way to onboard new users. When users log in through a supported SSO connection, they will automatically be provisioned new Socialcast accounts and have instant access to the community.

Social Business Intelligence

Social Business Intelligence (SBI) presents an analytical view of your Socialcast community, giving you real-time feedback on activity, trends, and adoption rates in the community.

Legal Matters

Socialcast makes it easy to address legal issues such as custom privacy policies, terms of service, and community disclaimers. Administrators can also take advantage of a flexible search feature for auditing messages, comments, and attachments.

System Requirements

Learn more about which browsers and mobile devices can be used to access Socialcast.


With Chat, users are able to send secure, instant messages to individuals or groups in the Socialcast community. Now you can pull more of your private conversations into one centralized place instead of relying on email or insecure third-party IM tools.


The Share feature allows you to reach a broader audience and start new conversations around interesting or important messages previously posted in your community.

AirWatch Content Locker Integration

Socialcast offers an integration with AirWatch, allowing end-users to attach their personal content in Socialcast.


With Groups, you can collaborate with people with shared interests. Joining a group is a great way to connect with targeted audiences within the community. Group members participate in discussions, keep track of the group-related documents, and remain aware of the activities in the group.


With Socialcast Projects, you and your team members can track deliverables, action items, and timelines without spreadsheets, emails, or status meetings. Team leaders can set objectives, define what needs to get done, assign owners and due dates, and track progress.


Send a Thanks with a custom congratulatory message to publicly recognize outstanding performance by individuals or groups.

Town Halls

A Town Hall brings executives and employees together in a moderated, real-time conversation inside your Socialcast community.


Challenges provides a simple and social way for organizations to engage employees in solving tough problems, improving processes, or discovering new ideas. A Challenge offers a quick way to capture ideas from members in the community to address business issues.

External Contributors

The external contributor feature allows secure group communication with people outside your organization.