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Creating a Challenge

You will find Challenges on the left-hand navigation panel on the Socialcast main page. 3               To create a new Challenge, hover over the Challenges icon in the left-hand navigation panel and click the plus (+) symbol in the pop-up menu. Or, you can click the Challenges icon to open the Challenges Dashboard. Click the blue plus (+) symbol at the top of the Dashboard. The Create New Challenge window will display, as shown below.

Completing the Create New Challenge window:

  • Enter your Challenge Name. You can also add (optionally) an image.
  • Set deadlines for submitting ideas and for a voting period. Click the down arrow on the date field to display the calendar and select the start date. Repeat for the end date.
  • To enter different dates for submitting ideas and for voting, click the plus sign or click anywhere on Edit submission & voting dates separately.This separates submitting ideas and voting into two distinct phases. Anyone participating in the Challenge can submit ideas pertaining to resolution of the Challenge (question), much like a brainstorming session at a group meeting. Voting on the various ideas submitted provides feedback on how each idea is ranked by members of the community or the participants in a particular Challenge.

    Note: Voting cannot start before submission starts and voting cannot end before submission ends.

      creating a challenge  
  • The red arrows on the Create New Challenge window below shows different dates for submitting and for voting. Remember, these dates can overlap, as long as voting begins after the start of the submissions, and ends on or after the end of the submissions date.
  • Position your cursor on the question mark to the right of Challenge Permissions to view the explanation of Public and Private shown below.

    Note: Anyone can view and submit ideas to public Challenges. Private Challenges are noted with a lock symbol and are visible only to designated (invited) members.

  • Select Public or Private at the Challenge Permissions dropdown, then click Save Changes.
  • The next window displays the name of your challenge, the number of members and moderators (the current number of each is one, since you haven’t invited people to join yet), and the start date for the challenge. Click Add Colleagues to start inviting.Adding Colleagues
  • From the Add Challenge Members window, invite people to join the Challenge (both Groups and/or Individuals) by entering the group name or an individual’s first name in the name field, then select from the displayed list of names.Inviting people to join the Challenge
  • Select Member or Moderator at the dropdown. Unless you’re assigning someone else as the moderator, everyone should be listed as a member by default
    Select Member or Moderator at the dropdown    
  • Repeat until all names and groups are entered, then click Save.
You can select the Challenge groups or members later, and you can edit it at any time. This is handy if you’re not sure who needs to be included in the Challenge.

Note: Challenges are currently limited to members in your community. Contractors, agencies, customers, etc. external to your company cannot participate in a Challenge at this time.

You have created a Challenge! It will be visible in the streams of the members added in a private challenge, to followers in a public Challenge, or to everyone in a company Challenge. At this point, you can add a description for your Challenge including any goals, rules, or guidelines to help people suggest ideas. This is an important step, and will help keep responses to your Challenge on the right track.