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How to access your Challenges

Finding your Challenges

  • Click Challenges (on the left-side navigation panel in your Socialcast community) to view My Challenges. My Challenges includes the Challenges you have created, as well as all the Challenges in which you are participating (both private and public). You can submit comments, vote, and post additional ideas too.Click an existing Challenge from the dropdown list to view that Challenge. The Challenge you have selected will be displayed in the Challenge window.

To browse existing challenges in which you are a participant

  • Click the Challenges Dashboard button at the upper right, or click Explore Challenges at the bottom of the dropdown menu.Or click Explore on the left navigation bar of the Socialcast main page, and select Challenges. You are now in the Challenges Directory, displaying ALL Challenges created for your organization that are visible to you. You will not be able to view Private Challenges unless you have been invited to join. For public Challenges you will see a Join button to click to join the Challenge.
  • To view the Challenges in alphabetical order, click on any letter or use the Search box at the top of the Challenges Directory window.

Managing your Challenges

Once you have selected a Challenge using the Challenges Dashboard or the Challenges Directory, the Challenge window will open. The Challenge window displays the title of the Challenge, all comments, votes, and any new ideas associated with that Challenge.
  • Click About this Challenge to display more information about this Challenge.
  • Click Groups to display all groups participating in this Challenge. You can add a group or an individual only if you’re the Challenge moderator (the owner).
Challenges provides you with a number of filters and controls to quickly see what is happening in your Challenges. In each Challenge, you can filter ideas by status: Active, Accepted, Archived, or Duplicated. You can also sort ideas by Most Popular, Least Popular, Submission Date, or Most Commented. Click Active Ideas or Submission Date to open a dropdown list of items. Select a sort category. Challenges Directory

Submitting ideas

Posts in the Socialcast community that are designated as Ideas provide a very simple way to capture yes or no votes on a single idea, whereas Challenges engages employees in coming up with multiple ideas to solve a specific issue and evaluating submitted ideas collectively.
  • Click on any Challenge from the list to open it. You will be at the Idea window.
  • Click What’s your idea? to submit an idea for the Challenge.
Submit an idea In a public Challenge, any Socialcast community member can submit ideas. You will see a Join button to click to join the Challenge. In a private Challenge, only those who have been invited can submit ideas or even see the Challenge. Type your idea in the prompt box (shown below), attach files (optional) and click Enter. Type your idea in the prompt box Your idea is submitted. You’ll see the message “Idea accepted for further investigation.” Now others can vote on your idea.

Voting or commenting on ideas

To the right of each idea is a vote tally box. To vote “Yes” on an idea, click the up arrow. To vote “No” on an idea, click the down arrow. The tally of votes adjusts in real time. To withdraw your vote, click on the up/down arrow depending on how you’ve voted. Voting

Choosing notification preferences

  • Mouseover the gear icon to the right of your idea.
  • You can also access the Comments window by clicking Comment located next to Thanks on the left navigation bar of the Socialcast main page.
  • At the dropdown menu, you can manage all message activity including editing, deleting, selecting your message to be displayed in a pop-out, exporting it as a PDF, following all message replies, and opening in a new tab.
  • Select Follow message replies to be notified of any activity involving your idea in your stream.Choosing notification preferences