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Managing Challenges That You Created

Moderating ideas

If you have created a Challenge, then for each submitted idea, you decide whether to keep it active, accept it, archive it (which stops it from further investigation), or designate it as a duplicate. Note: Only active Challenges remain open for comments. Select a status from the dropdown menu to the right of the submitted idea. Once you’ve marked an idea, others can see which ideas you have reviewed and accepted for further study. 1

Managing comments

  • Click Thanks to send your thanks.
  • Hover over the numeral in a box to display the current voting score. This will show the extent of interest in any specific comment.
  • Highlight the Bookmark icon to find and refer to this comment in the future.Managing comments

Closing a Challenge

Click Settings to display a dropdown menu, then select Close Challenge. 2 This stops the submission of any new ideas, and suspends voting on any submitted ideas. The Challenge remains listed in the Challenges Dashboard and Explore, but is designated as closed. Note: If you have assigned a voting end date to your Challenge, the Challenge will automatically close on that end date.