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Chat Overview

Chat is a secure and private instant messaging feature within Socialcast that allows you to quickly communicate with another person or a group of people without displaying your messages in the community stream. Instead, you will see your conversation in your browser window and receive a notification, similar to other instant messaging applications. Messages are persistent, sent in real-time, and provide a reliable framework that flows seamlessly between web and mobile devices for your everyday business communication needs. You can initiate either a 1-1 chat with an individual or a group chat with multiple people for a confidential, ad hoc conversation is Socialcast. For example, if you need a quick decision and want to avoid the overhead involved in setting up a meeting, you might send a chat to the decision-makers. These people could engage in a quick virtual conversation and come to a resolution in a matter of minutes. Socialcast allows you to create groups with the chat feature for long term purposes or groups only meant for quick temporary conversations. These groups will appear under the Public or Private Spaces based on the access type you choose while creating the group. 1-1 Chat     Enabling Chat. The Chat feature is available to all communities. If you don’t see the 1-1 Chat menu on the left navigation panel, your community administrator will need to turn on the feature. Admins can enable/disable this feature in Admin Settings > Features > Chat.

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