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Managing a Chat

Once you start a chat, it’s very easy to carry on a rapid-fire conversation that flows seamlessly between the web and your mobile devices. We do offer a few settings that can help you manage your 1:1 and group chats. For example, you may want to change the name of the conversation to reflect the current topic or add new people to the conversation. The following actions can be used to manage a chat:

Send a message

In full conversation view, pressing the Enter key adds a new line to the message, while the Post button is used to send the message. However, this functionality can be changed by enabling the Press Enter to send checkbox next to the Post button. When enabled, the message is sent when the Enter key is pressed. Chat Window

Add Members to a Group Chat

You can only add members to a group chat, and not existing 1:1 conversations. In a group chat, click on Add members to the right of the group chat page. In the new form, enter the name or email of the new member and click the Add to Conversation button. Add Members to Group Chat  

External Contributors: Remember that external contributors cannot participate in chats.


Rename a Group Chat

By default, Group chats are named as a list of the participants. To change the name of a Group chat, click on the Group chat name to activate the text entry field. Enter a new Group name and press the Enter key to save. Rename Group

Leave a Group Chat

You can leave a group chat but not a 1:1 chat. On the group chat page, click the gear icon at the top of the group chat and select Leave chat.   Leave Group Chat

Change the Group Chat Icon

To change the group chat icon, click on the icon at the top left-hand corner, then select Upload from computer and navigate to the image you'd like to use. The maximum file size is 4MB. Acceptable file types are PNG, GIF, and JPG. Change Group Chat Icon

Remove Members/Messages

You cannot remove members or messages from a conversation. You cannot delete a conversation either.

Hide a Chat

You can hide a 1:1 chat so that it doesn’t appear in your 1-1 Chat menu. To hide a 1:1 chat, click the gear icon of the 1-1 Chat window and select Hide.  

Search Chats

To search for content within a chat, you will need to use the global Search tool at the top of your community page. Enter the text to search on in the Search field and press the Enter key. Use the filters on the right to narrow down the search results. Chat search results