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Viewing a Chat

The 1-1 Chats list appears on the left navigation panel of your screen. You’ll see a list of your most recent chats, and you can favorite (or unfavorite) chats by clicking the heart icon that appears as you hover over the chat. Your group chats also appear on the left navigational panel under the private or public spaces based on the access type you chose while creating the group. You can also filter your chat list based on specific individuals or the name of your group chat by typing the name in the filter at the top of the left navigational panel. Favorite a Chat         Click on any chat from the 1-1 chats list to view all its messages.  The chat page will appear showing the most recent conversations at the bottom of the page. To review the entire thread of the conversation, scroll upward. You can see the people participating in the conversation in the right sidebar. Note that you can only open one chat page at a time. Chat Window             If an orange bubble notification counter appears next to any of the chats on the 1-1 chats list, it indicates there are new unread messages. The new chat activity on the private or public chat groups are indicated by an orange beacon.