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Customize Menu Overview

Location: Admin Settings > Setup Socialcast provides a community administrator with numerous options to customizing their community; from changing the visual theme of the site to modifying the community privacy policies. All these settings are located under the Setup drop-down of the admin panel:
  • The Community Settings page provides access to the majority of options including community name, community manager name, default language as well as numerous switches for turning features on and off.
  • The Theme page provides options for loading a logo file, changing the default theme, and replacing the default profile picture.
  • The Profile page allows you to control options that are available to the user on the Edit Profile page.
  • The Organization page provide a quick way to manage options for community departments and business units.
  • The Helpful Links page allows you to create links to community documents, applications, and web sites.
  • The Legal page allows you to customize the community privacy policy and terms of service.
  • The Security page contains a number of security-related features you can modify.
  • The Community Apps Manager allows communities to manage Socialcast apps as well as authenticate their own Socialcast API based apps.

Note: Options May Vary. The customization options available in your community depend on which Socialcast license you have purchased and the deployment option you have chosen. Your community may not have all the options described in this documentation. For example, communities using Single Sign-On (SSO) do not have the option to define password policies.