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External Contributors Overview

When you work with contractors, vendors, partners, or customers on a regular basis, you may find it useful to include them in your Socialcast community. You can invite them to participate by creating externally facing groups where they securely can interact with employees without having access to the entire community. For example, if product marketing uses freelance writers to create documentation, they would create a Technical Documentation group and invite the freelance writers and any subject matter experts in the company who can assist with the project. You can tell at a glance if a group is externally facing because Socialcast superimposes a special icon on the group’s image. This icon will alert community members that their interactions within the group are visible to people who are not employees of the company. OV When non-community members accept an invitation, they become external contributors in your Socialcast community. Similar to the external group images, all external contributor images include the External Contributor icon. The external contributor's home page provides access to the group stream, but he/she cannot view other streams, town halls, or the company directory. External contributors do have profiles where contact information, account settings, and notifications are managed. OV1 The external contributor feature is available in all communities, and is enabled by default. The external contributors feature can be enabled/disabled at Admin Settings > Features > External Contributors. Enable EC

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