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External Contributor Permissions

External groups require a bit more management attention than normal groups because people cannot join without an invitation. It makes sense to identify a community member with a stake in the group to manage it. Often this person is managing the efforts of the external contributor (EC) anyway.

Creating External Contributor Admins

An administrator can easily make any community member an External Contributor Admin. Go to Admin Settings > Community Management > User Management > Users > Active. Find the member in the list and pull down the Actions list under the gear icon and choose Edit. Usermanagement Enable External Contributor Admin under User Type, then click the Save button. edituser

Expanding EC Admin Capabilities to All Members

Socialcast administrators can also choose to extend External Contributor Admin capabilities to all community members, by going to Admin Settings > Features > External Contributors. When Permissions have been enabled, all community members have the ability to create externally facing groups and invite people to join. When Permissions have been disabled, only community Admins and External Contributor Admins have these capabilities. ect