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Creating an External Group

By default, to create an externally facing group, you must be a Socialcast administrator or an External Contributor Admin. If you would like to extend the ability for all members in the community to be able to create and manage externally facing groups, an administrator will need to adjust the External Contributor Permissions in the Admin Settings. To create a new externally facing group, select the Add a new group link in the Groups section of the left sidebar. Choose the Externally Facing option for Group Permissions and fill out the rest of the form the way you would for a normal group. creating a EG After the group has been created, you can click the Invite Colleagues button to add members by supplying a community name or email address. Make sure to include the people outside your organization as well as the community members who will be involved. Socialcast automatically assumes that a new member with a different email domain is an external contributor; you don’t need to make this distinction when you invite people. Inviting Users to the External Group Community members will receive an email invitation to join the group as well as a Pending Invitation message on their group directory page. As soon as they accept either invitation, Socialcast displays the group page. New external contributors will receive a welcome email inviting them to join the community. When they follow the link in the email, Socialcast prompts them for some basic user information, including a name, password, and a photo. After completing the new member form, Socialcast displays the group page. External contributors who are already community members will receive an email invitation with a Join this group link. When they click on the link, Socialcast will prompt them to log in (if they haven't already) and then display the group stream. This workflow is the same for all active external contributors, even if they have been dormant (group-less) for an extended period of time.