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Interaction with Other Features

Socialcast limits the community features that external contributors can use. For a detailed list of the feature restrictions, refer to What the External Contributor Sees. The discussion below details the ways in which external contributors interact with Reach extensions, LDAP, and Single Sign-On.

For Communities Using Reach

If your community uses Reach Extensions, an external contributor may have access to the information in the extension, depending on how you set it up. If the Reach Extension is configured so that anyone can view it and the external contributor has access to the extension page, then he/she will see the extension. For example, suppose you’re working with a marketing consultant who has access to your intranet and is also an external contributor in your Socialcast community, with membership in only one group – a marketing external group. Let’s say your HR department maintains a page on the intranet containing a Reach stream extension that allows everyone to view the information without logging in first. In this scenario, the consultant would see the conversation taking place in the stream, even though the consultant would not be able to see that stream in the Socialcast application. However, the consultant would not be able to post in the stream because posting requires the user to log into the community. Once the consultant logs in, commenting would not be possible, because Socialcast prevents comments from group non-members. Socialcast also supports group stream extensions of externally-facing groups. If an external contributor is part of this group, he/she will be able to view and post into the stream extension.

For Communities Using LDAP

If your community is configured to use LDAP, then user profile information may be periodically synchronized. If your external contributors do not have user accounts in LDAP, Socialcast will delete their accounts during the synchronization process. You can configure Socialcast to include or exclude external contributors from the LDAP update by going to Admin Settings > Setup > Provisioning. In the Provisioning Settings section, enable or disable Include External Contributors in LDAP Provisioning. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page when you’re finished. EC_Admin Settings

For Communities Using Single Sign-On

If your community has been using Single Sign-On (SSO) and recently added the external contributor feature, your users will experience a slightly different login flow the first time they access the community after external contributors are enabled. All users will see an initial account "look up" screen. When regular community members provide their email addresses and click the Look Up Account button, Socialcast will redirect them to your company’s SSO Identity Provider for authentication. When external contributors do the same, Socialcast handles the authentication by prompting them for a password: Two-step Login Screen for External Contributors