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What the EC Sees

An external contributor (EC) logs into the community in exactly the same way a regular member does, with a username and password on the main login page. Once inside the community, an external contributor’s participation is limited to just the groups he or she has been invited to. Within those groups, external contributors can post, ask questions, and share files or links. They can view contact information about other group members, but they do not have access to the entire company directory. The screen shot below shows the home stream for an external contributor who belongs to the Employees Referral Group. EC view

Dormant External Contributors: External contributors remain community members even after they are removed from an external group or the group is deleted. They can still log in, but their home page is essentially blank with a message explaining that they must be a member of a group in order to participate. As soon as they are invited to join another group, they will see that group’s stream. An external contributor with an archived group can still log in and view the group messages, but cannot add any new posts. Administrators can completely remove an external contributor by deactivating the user in the User Management section of the Admin Settings.

The following table describes the Socialcast features external contributors have access to:
Feature Access Allowed?
Applications or add-ons No. External Contributors will not be able access the community via our mobile apps at this time.
Company directory No, but they can see the location, office phone number, and email address for the other members of the groups they belong to.
Follow people No
Group directory Yes, but the directory displays only the groups where they are members.
Helpful links Yes, but only the helpful links that appear on external group pages.
Invite others to join No
Posts, questions, likes, file sharing, link sharing Yes, but only in the external groups where they are members.
Chats No
Reach extensions Yes, if the extension doesn’t require a login and if the external contributor has access to the page where the extension is located. See Interaction with Other Features for more details.
Search Yes, but only for messages that appear in the external groups they are members.
Streams Yes, they will have a Home stream that aggregates all the content for the groups they belong to and will be able to access each group stream individually. External contributors cannot create custom streams nor can they see the @Mention, Flagged, Sent, or Company streams.
Thanks No
Topic directory/ trending topics No
Town halls No
User profile Yes, but an external contributor doesn’t have an Interests page or an Applications page.