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Groups Overview

Group in Socialcast is a place for you to collaborate with other members of your community and organize your business. Joining a group is a great way to connect with targeted audiences within the community. Groups can be about anything such as departments, functions, or interests. Group members can discuss particular topics, keep track of the group-related documents, and remain aware of the activities in the group. These groups can be created based on your choice of access type: Public or Private. Public groups are viewable to all members in the community and members can join the relevant groups. Private groups are strictly accessible to only the group members. Other community members have to request access to the admin of the  private group if they wish to join.

Types of Communication

While creating a group, you can choose the preferred communication type for the group. The communication types, Chat and Post, decide the manner in which the conversations take place in the group. A group can have either Chat or Post or sometimes both, as the communication type.


Enabling chat as the communication type allows group members to have real time, fast-paced conversations with each other. These conversations appear in a chronological order with the newest message at the bottom.


Post when enabled allows asynchronous threaded conversations in the group. The multiple responses to the main post are sorted with the most recent message appearing at the top of the threaded conversation.