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Creating a Group

To start creating a public or a private group, click the add icon next to the public or the private spaces. Add Groups   Suppose you have clicked the add icon next to public spaces. A window appears showing the Group tab. Create Group       Complete the details:
  • Add Members - Enter the names of the members.
  • Enter Name  -  Enter your group name.
  • Type -  Select chat or post as the communication type.
  • Options - Select the check boxes
    • E-mail members when messages are posted  if you want your group members to receive emails when new messages are posted to the group.
    • Exclude from Company Stream to block the group’s post from entering the Company Stream.
    • Manage memberships using an external system if you want an external system to manage your group. Provisioning from an external system will make few group related features unavailable like users will not be able to join or leave a group, group cannot be archived, group will not accept access requests, and so on.
    • Make this my default if you want to make the group as your default page that appears every time you login to Socialcast.
Select Create once you have set all the required information. If you want to quickly create a chat group without configuring the above options, then select the Create just chat check box. Here, all you have to do is add members, enter a name for the group and select create. Create just Chat