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Location: Admin Settings > Legal > eDiscovery

Email Subscription

The Email Subscription option on the eDiscovery page enables an administrator to exert some control over the user experience when message replies are followed. Activating Enable verbose e-mails on message subscriptions causes Socialcast to send the user more verbose emails anytime the followed message receives a like, a new or updated comment, or the original message is updated: Legal_Email Subscription               The verbose email option is triggered when a user has subscribed to message replies. Any user can subscribe to message replies by pulling down the gear icon and selecting Follow message replies: Follow Message Replies

Custom Message Subscription Link Labels

This option enables an administrator to customize the labels for message reply actions. The default labels are "Follow message replies" and "Stop following replies." In the example below, "Follow message replies" will be changed to "Follow this message" after the Save. To revert back to the default labels, delete the text in these fields and Save. Legal_Custom Message Subscription Link labels                 The custom subscription label appears in the gear icon drop-down list: Legal_Changed message label

Custom Subscribe Confirmation

If a Custom Subscription Label is used, you may want to change the confirmation message as well.

Note: You must enable verbose emails on message subscriptions in order to change the confirmation message. You can revert back to the default confirmation message by deleting the custom text you added and saving the changes.

Legal_Custom Subscription confirmation