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Managing Users Overview

Location: Admin Settings > Community Management > User Management Socialcast provides a number of user management tools allowing the community administrator to invite new users and control user access to various Socialcast features. Here’s an overview of the information in this section:
  • Inviting/Adding Users. Community members can invite new users to join anytime. The community administrator can invite multiple people to join at once or set up directory integration with a centralized information server (LDAP).
  • Tracking Pending Users. Socialcast provides a list of pending invitations so the community administrator can follow up and provide assistance.
  • Understanding User Status. User status affects whether or not a user has access to the Socialcast community.
  • Managing User Roles. User roles control which Socialcast features are available to each user.
  • Performing User Actions. A quick reference for locating various user actions in the Admin panel.