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Inviting/Adding Users

Socialcast provides several ways to invite users to join the community. Existing members are welcome to invite individuals or small groups of people. The community administrator can invite large groups of people by uploading a comma-separated value (CSV) file. Socialcast also supports the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) which allows a community to automatically set up new users by importing user information from a centralized database.

Note: If a community uses the “Invite Only” option, Socialcast will prevent current members from inviting others to join the community. Only community administrators will be able to invite new members. Invite-Only is not available for Socialcast Free communities.

Restricting Email Domains

Socialcast assumes the majority of community members will use the same email domain as the person who initially purchased a Socialcast license, or who set up a free community. In fact, Socialcast will prevent anyone with a different email domain from signing up for or receiving an invite to the community. For example, suppose the IT manager at Acme Corp purchased a Socialcast license and provided the email address Other Acme employees with Acme email accounts will have no trouble joining the community. However, won’t be able to create an account or receive invitations from other non-admin users.

Note: Community Administrators can invite any user to join a Socialcast community, regardless of the user’s email domain.

External contributors will more than likely have a different email domain from majority of members because by definition, they are not employees. An external contributor’s membership is restricted to a specified group in Socialcast. Only admins can invite external contributors to join a group. If you want to allow community members who have a different email domain to self-register, the community administrator must specify a list of approved domain names and submit the information to their account manager. This feature is not available if you purchased Socialcast from the VMWare online store, or for free communities.

Inviting Small Numbers of Users

Any community member can invite a colleague to join the Socialcast community by clicking the Invite Colleagues link in the right sidebar of any non-admin page. Invite your colleagues               The invitation link brings up the following dialog: Invite Link Dialog           The user can enter a co-worker’s email address and to invite several people at once, enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. You cannot send an invitation to a mailing list or a shared email address. All addresses must use an approved domain.

Note: Socialcast also allows new users to invite their co-workers when they join the Socialcast community themselves.

Using a CSV File

To invite a large number of people to join the community, the community administrator can upload a CSV file. From the Invite your colleagues dialog, the administrator clicks the Upload a CSV link. This dialog appears: Using a CSV file             The CSV file must list every email address on a separate line with no commas or special characters. Do not include header rows in the file.

Using LDAP

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) allows Socialcast to import new user information from a centralized database into the community. Once these users become members, the community adminsitrator can configure Socialcast to download user updates through LDAP on a regular basis to keep the Socialcast community in sync with the company’s master human resources database. LDAP integration usually requires assistance from your company’s IT group.