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Understanding User Status

User status determines whether or not a user can access the Socialcast community.

Filtering Users by Status

To filter the User list according to Status, use the Filter drop down. When All Users has been selected, a Status column appears. Location: Admin Settings > Community Management > User Management > Users  

User status types

Note: The User list Filter will always default to Active.

Following are the possible values:
Active An active user can access the Socialcast community any time. A user becomes active as soon as the account set-up process is complete.
Deactivated A deactivated user cannot log in to the Socialcast community. Socialcast continues to maintain the user’s profile information and the community administrator can reactivate the user at any time. Only an administrator can deactivate a user. If a user deactivates his own account (through the Settings > Account Settings > Deactivate account link at the bottom of the page), Socialcast changes the user status to Pending Activation.
Pending Activation For further information on Pending Users, see Tracking Pending Users. A user with a pending activation status has completed only a portion of the account set-up process. To gain access to the community, the user must follow the link in the initial invitation email and finish the sign up process. A user who deactivates his account (through the Settings > Account Settings > Deactivate account link at the bottom of the page) also receives this status. The user can reactivate the account by following the link in the original invitation email and repeating the account set-up process. If the user no longer has an invitation, the community administrator can resend the invitation from the Pending Invitations page (Admin Settings > Community Management > User Management > Pending Invitations > Actions > Resend).
Locked A locked status prevents a user from logging in to the Socialcast community and can be used as a temporary measure – it must be unlocked by an Admin before the user can login again. An email notification will be sent to the user when his/her account has been locked/unlocked. The lock does not affect the content generated by the user and does not delete the account.