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Administrative Tasks

Project lead actionsWhile most project activities are open to project team members and other community members, Socialcast does restrict a handful of activities to the project lead. You can access all these activities through the Settings menu on the project page.

Note: This menu is visible only to the project lead.

Complete a Project When your team has finished a project, you can mark the entire project as complete. If you have any unfinished tasks, Socialcast will mark them as complete. You also have the option to send a message to the team. Completed projects continue to appear in the Project Directory, and you can still view the project content by clicking on the project in the directory list. Although a project lead can edit the project settings, no one can edit the content unless you reopen the project. Completed private projects will remain in the Projects Dashboard for each project member.
Delete a Project When you delete a project, all project information is discarded. If you want to archive a project and maintain the project history, you can mark the project as complete. Make sure to add a note to the project description explaining that the project was cancelled and not actually completed.
Edit Project Settings You can always change the project title, description, image, and security status (public vs. private), even after the project is complete.
Reopen Project To make changes to a completed project, you must reopen the project. Locate the completed project in the project directory and click on it to view the project page. The Settings menu will contain a new option to reopen the project.
Copy Project You can create another copy of your project and make it as either private or public. When you copy a project, all its objectives and tasks are copied, but neither are these assigned nor are the due dates set. Project members and shared groups are also not copied  to the new copy.

Enabling the Projects Feature. A community administrator can turn the Projects feature on and off through the Admin panel > Features > Projects.