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Setting up a Project

Any community member can create a project. There are three basic steps:
  1. Defining the Project
  2. Adding Members
  3. Adding Objectives and Tasks

Defining the Project

You can create a project from the left navigational panel by clicking the add icon next to either the public or the private spaces. On the window that appears, click the Projects tab to begin defining your project details. Add icon on Left Nav                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   On the Projects Settings form, enter a project title and description. Upload an image file and click the Create button to save the new project. If you are creating a public project, then the link Join Existing shows you the list of the available public projects. The same link while creating a private project shows the list of private projects.                                                   Create Project                                                                                                                         The new project page appears. New Project  

Adding Members

To add team members to the project, click on the Invite Colleagues button in the upper right corner of the page. You can enter the name or email address of a community member. Continue adding people until you’ve assembled the team you need.                                                 Build your project

Socialcast automatically designates the project creator (you) as the project lead, but you can assign the role to other team members as well. You can view project members and change their roles by clicking on the count of members in the upper right corner of the project page. On the Project Members form, you can edit each member’s role or even delete them from the team. Deleted team members will continue to be responsible for their tasks, unless you assign the task to someone else. Simply choose the lead role from the menu next to the target member and click on the Save Changes button.

Project members2        

To ensure that a project always has a leader, Socialcast prevents you from removing yourself from the team or changing your role from lead to member. Only another project lead can perform these tasks.

Adding Objectives and Tasks

The next step is to add high level objectives and tasks within each objective. To get started, click the Add Objective button and enter the first objective. As soon as you enter the text, Socialcast will create a new task for you. Continue entering tasks and objectives until you’re satisfied with the list. New Project elements
Adding Tasks Click on the gray +Add Task link below the objective where you want to add the new task.
Assigning Tasks Click inside the larger box just to the left of the task. You can enter the person’s name or select them from a list. If the new task owner is not already a project member, Socialcast automatically adds them to the member list. For private projects, you must add the user to the project before you can assign them a task.
Setting Due Dates Click on the calendar icon to the right of each objective or task.
Deleting Items The details for the selected task or objective appear on the right side of the page. If you make a mistake or change your mind about a task or objective, you can delete it by clicking on the trashcan icon in the details area.