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Working on a Project

Once a project is underway, there are several activities you can perform:

Checking progress

For each project, Socialcast keeps track of the percentage of completed tasks to give you a general idea about the project status. You can view this information on the projects page. Socialcast provides a pie chart for the project as a whole and displays a progress bar for each objective.                                                   Track Progress

Viewing Tasks

To see all your tasks in a single project, you can select All from the drop-down menu on the project page. This shows all completed and on going tasks. To view only your active tasks, select Active from the drop-down menu. View tasks

Adding Messages and Files

You can post a message to the project as a whole, to an objective, or to a task. For objective or task-level messages, go to the project page and select the desired item from the left column so it appears in the right column. Then, start entering text in the message area. For project-level messages, click on the Project Posts link at the top of the right column before you begin entering the message. In either case, you can attach files using the paperclip icon. Add Messages to projects             Click on the Post button, when you’re finished. You’ll see two new icons next to the current task. Click on the message icon to display any messages associated with the task. Click the paperclip icon to download the list of the files attached to the task.         New icons on Project             The message you sent will also appear in the home stream for the task owner. All project messages identify the project name in the header and, if applicable, show the objective and task names as well.

Editing Tasks and Objectives

Any community member can edit objectives and tasks in a public project. You do not need to be a member to add a new item, edit an existing item, change the due date, and even reassign a task to a different person. Go to the project page and start working. New Project elements             You can continue to add objectives and tasks throughout the project lifecycle. By the same token, you can delete any items that become unnecessary. For more details, see Add objectives and tasks.

Completing Tasks

To mark a task as completed, go to the project page and click on the box to the left of the task. If only Active tasks are showing, the completed task will disappear from the list. If you select All tasks, then Socialcast will display the task name with strikethroughs. If necessary, you can reactivate a completed task. Simply uncheck the box next to the completed task.                 Complete tasks