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How to Setup a Socialcast Community

Socialcast offers a simple process to get your community up and running. This page provides an overview of the steps to get started:
  1. Create an Account
  2. Customize Community Settings
  3. Invite Community Members
  4. Learn More

1. Create an Account

To create a new community, enter your email address on Socialcast’s registration page. As long as your email domain is not associated with an existing community, Socialcast will create your community and then send you a welcome email with an Activation Link. Click the link to begin setting up your new community. New Community Invitation

Community Profile

Socialcast then prompts you to create your community profile by filling out your name and title, your manager, and creating a password. Community Profile

Upload a Profile Photo

Your community profile and include a profile picture. You can upload one from your computer, or import one from your LinkedIn profile. After you have selected and cropped your photo, click the Save button. Save Photo to Profile To save your community profile and continue setting up your account, click the Continue button.

Invite Colleagues

Socialcast then prompts you to invite other users to join the community. Before you bring new users into the community, you need to customize the community settings. Please skip this step for now and continue with the account setup process. Invite Colleagues (skip this step)

Start Groups

The next step allows you to create groups in your community, though it can also be done later. Commonly used group names appear for you to choose from. When you are done, click the I’m Finished button.

Note: This step is on by default but can be changed or disabled by a community administrator by modifying the New User Activation options.

Start Groups With account activation complete, Socialcast displays the main community page, also known as your Home Stream. Home page

2. Customize Community Settings

Socialcast provides numerous options for customizing your community. Select Admin Settings from the gear icon drop-down menu, Admin Settings then select Setup > Settings. Setup Settings For more information about these options, read Customizing the Socialcast Community and Recommended Community Options for Initial Set-up.

3. Invite Community Members

Once you define the community settings, you can invite other people to join Socialcast. There are several ways to add people to the community:

4. Learn More

We have documentation for community members, technical documentation for community administrators, and technical documentation for developers looking to integrate your Socialcast community with other business systems.

End-User Documentation

Technical Documentation