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Sharing a Message

Every message that can be shared has a Share hyperlink next to the timestamp. To share a message, click the Share link below the post. Share a Message   Select the person to share the message with, your colleagues, groups, or as a private message by selecting the appropriate tab.             Share This Message
  1. To share
    • With My Colleagues -  Type the names of the people or groups in the People or Groups to notify text box. This automatically adds an @mention of the person and/or public group in the body of the message. If you do not indicate specific person or group, the message can be seen by everyone following you.
    • With a Group - Type the name of the group in the Type a Group Name text box and select the group from the suggestion drop-down menu. You can share with a single private or public group.
    • As a 1-1 Chat - Add the name of the person in the Add colleague text box and select the member from the suggestion drop-down menu. You can share with multiple individuals in a group private message.
  2. Type your personalized message in the Share something about this message or New chat text box.
  3. To attach a file, click the paperclip icon to browse to the files that you want to share with this post or drag and drop your file.
  4. Click Share.
Public messages and broadcast messages that are seen in the user’s streams or public groups can be shared. Messages from private groups, external-facing groups, and private messages cannot be shared for privacy and security reasons. Special types of posts, such as polls, ideas, challenges, and projects also cannot be shared at this time. When a message is shared in a public setting, the original author of the message is notified that their message is shared.