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Thanks Overview

The Thanks feature allows community members to recognize others for exemplary work. Socialcast provides a dozen different types of Thanks, ranging from Work Ethic and Problem Solver to Customer Satisfaction and Mentor. Each type of Thanks has an icon and descriptive phrase that Socialcast displays in the company stream when one community member sends Thanks to another. The community administrator can decide how many Thanks each user can send during a certain time period. The fewer Thanks each user can bestow, the more prized the recognition will be. Thanks

Here’s how to manage the Thanks system in your community:

  • Configuring Thanks First, you need to decide how many Thanks each user can send and what types of Thanks your community will offer.
  • Sending Thanks Then, you can start handing out the “attaboys.”
  • Viewing Thanks Socialcast gives you a couple of ways to view Thanks information and also includes some metrics that are visible only to the community administrator.