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Configuring Thanks

Socialcast allows you to define how often each community member can send Thanks. The community administrator can also specify which types of Thanks will be available in the community.

Enabling Thanks and Setting Frequency

Location: Admin settings > Features > Thanks > Settings To use Thanks within the Socialcast community, the community administrator must enable the feature on the Settings page and define how many Thanks each user can send within a given time period. Thanks do not carry over from one period to the next. Enable Thanks Socialcast replenishes each user’s Thanks at the start of the given period. If the frequency is daily, Socialcast refills a user’s Thanks at midnight Eastern Standard Time. If the frequency is weekly, refills happen on Monday. If the frequency is monthly, refills occur on the first day of the month. When you change the frequency, Socialcast waits until the next period to refill each user’s Thanks.

Note: You must click the Save button to save both the frequency settings and the status of the feature (enabled/disabled).

Thanks Types

Location: Admin settings > Features > Thanks > Types Previously defined Thanks types are displayed in the Thanks Types list. Community members can choose the type that best describes the compliment they want to give. Thanks Types           You can change the name and description associated with any Thanks by clicking on the Edit action link. You can also exclude a Thanks type from the list of options that Socialcast presents to community members by unchecking the Enabled checkbox. You can filter the list of types by status (enabled/disabled) when you click on the Enabled and Disabled links at the top of the page. The Search feature allows you filter the list even further, displaying only the types which contain the search string in either the Name or Description field.

Creating a New Thanks Type

Location: Admin settings > Features > Thanks > Types You can create new Thanks type by clicking the Add a New Thanks button: Add New Thanks         Enter the Thanks Name and Description, then select a Color and an Icon. You can also upload your own Icon if you wish. New Thanks Type