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Town Halls Overview

A Town Hall allows you to connect executives and employees in a virtual company meeting where management can communicate corporate goals and employees can voice their opinions and ask questions. Your executive team gets increased visibility and employees have the opportunity to engage in real-time conversations with management. Although each Town Hall occurs at a specific time, the host and the attendees can interact in advance, allowing everyone the chance to mull over topics, resulting in a more interesting and thought-provoking exchange of ideas.

Enabling Town Halls The Town Hall feature is available to all communities. If you do not see a Town Halls icon in the sidebar, ask your community administrator to turn on the feature. An admin can enable Town Halls by going to Admin Settings > Features > Town Halls.

How It Works

Socialcast makes an announcement in the company stream whenever a public Town Hall is scheduled. Community members can click on the link to view the home page for the Town Hall: Townhall                 The home page provides general information about the Town Hall including a brief description, the scheduled time, and the speaker. If a conversation has already started, you can read through questions from other viewers and see what the speaker has to say in response. You can also submit a question yourself. You might RSVP to indicate your interest in the topic and encourage other members to attend. When the Town Hall is in progress, you can view the question and answer process happening in real time, providing a shared experience and opportunity for collaboration across the entire organization.

The Players

A Town Hall brings together a number of different people who fulfill different roles:

Town Hall Administrator

The Town Hall administrator schedules and manages the Town Hall. A Socialcast community administrator can perform these duties or designate one or more community members to handle these responsibilities.


Every Town Hall has one or more speakers who can present information and answer questions. Typically, the speaker will post information about the Town Hall topic as soon as the Town Hall is scheduled. This information encourages conversation even before the Town Hall takes place.


A Town Hall may also have one or more moderators who help the speaker answer questions and manage administrative functions related to the Town Hall. For example, a moderator might change the date of a Town Hall.


Town Hall attendees are community members who have indicated that they will attend the Town Hall. These people can view and participate in the conversation. Public Town Halls are visible to all community members, whether they have decided to attend or not.