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Exporting Community Data

Location: Admin Settings > Community Management > Import/Export > Community Export

Community Export

Socialcast provides an export feature that creates an XML or CSV file containing all the data in the community to create regular backups or to generate a data file that can be used for analysis. The XML or CSV export file contains all private and deleted messages that would not ordinarily be accessible to the community administrator, which may be useful in certain situations. For example, Human Resources might receive a complaint about a user who is sending inappropriate, private messages. In addition, some companies prefer to set up their own data analysis rather than using the Social Business Intelligence (SBI) features in Socialcast. Using the Community Export file, an analyst can create custom reports from the community data that may reveal information not currently available through SBI. When the community administrator requests an export file, Socialcast creates the XML or CSV file and then sends the community administrator an email containing a link to the file. Be aware that the link expires after two weeks. Community Export

Community Export Data

The export file contains detailed data for users, groups, and messages as outlined below. For more information, you can view a sample export file.
Group Fields
  • Basic Information (name, email address, etc.)
  • User Status (active, pending activation, deactivated)
  • Group Memberships
  • User Avatar
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Roles
  • Basic Information
  • Privacy Level (public/private)
  • Group Avatar
  • Basic Information (actor and body, title and link)
  • Group
  • Source
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Basic Information (recipient, content)
  • Attachments
  • Replies
The export file does not contain the following information:
  • Passwords
  • Community settings
  • Any information relating to Town Hall
  • Reach Extensions
  • Configured Apps
  • Custom themes
  • Business Systems
  • Suggested groups for activation
  • SAML configurations
  • Sticky broadcasts/dismissals
  • Deleted messages

Community Settings Export

Socialcast enables Community Administrators to export various Admin Settings in XML format. Community Settings  

Community Settings Export Data

The Community Settings export file contains the following data:
  • Admin Settings > Setup > Settings (except for the Community Manager field)
  • Admin Settings > Setup > Theme (except for Logo and Default Profile Picture)
  • Admin Settings > Setup > New User Orientation (except for Selection of Groups to use during activation)
  • Admin Settings > Setup > Notification Emails
  • Admin Settings > Setup > Profile Fields (Contact Fields supported, LDAP Provisioned Fields supported, Profile Questions not supported)
  • Admin Settings > Setup > Stream
  • Admin Settings > Setup > Web Feeds
  • Admin Settings > Security > Settings
  • Admin Settings > Features > Chat
  • Admin Settings > Features > Projects
  • Admin Settings > Features > Challenges
  • Admin Settings > Features > Thanks (Enabled/Frequency supported, Custom Thanks not supported)
  • Admin Settings > Integrations > Add-ons
  • Admin Settings > Integrations > Apps (Customizing Apps not supported, Token Expiration Settings supported)
  • Admin Settings > Legal > Settings (NOTE: Changing the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy in an import – only if different – could trigger users having to re-accept if “Require all users to accept your custom Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy” is selected)

Skills Export

Socialcast enables Community Administrators to export Skills in CSV format. Skills export  

Skills Export Data

The Skills export file contains the following data:
  • Member Name
  • Skill Category
  • Skill Option
  • Skill Category Description
  • Date Skill Created
  • Date Skill Updated