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Merging Groups

Location: Admin Settings > Community Management > Group Merge Occasionally a community may find there are multiple groups focused on a similar topic. The community administrator can eliminate this redundancy by merging one group into another. Socialcast will transfer all messages and members, including group administrators, from the first group into the second group and then delete the first group. During the merge process, the community administrator can rename the master group to help reduce any confusion.

Note: Once the merge group process begins, you cannot cancel or reverse it.

Group Merge

Private Groups

Private groups can be merged. You can merge a public group into a private group or a private group into a public group or a private group into a private group. In any case, the merged messages take on the characteristics of the new master group. For example, if you merge a private group into a public group, all the private messages will become public so they can be viewed by members of the public group. By the same token, if you merge a public group into a private group, all public messages will become private.

External Contributor Groups

Socialcast does not permit you to merge external contributor groups.

User Notification

Socialcast does not notify group members when a merge occurs. The group administrator should alert group members about the merge, especially if the name of the group changes.