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Merging Users

Location: Admin Settings > Community Management > User Merge Similar to merging groups, community administrators can merge user accounts. In the event that an individual employee has two Socialcast accounts, administrators can merge them to create a single account. All data from both accounts will now exist within the combined account.

Note: Once the merge user process begins, you cannot cancel or reverse it.

User Merge               A few things to keep in mind when merging users: Merging User A into User B will preserve the name of User B, unless you specify otherwise by checking the “Change name of User B” box and entering a name.
  • All activity, groups and streams from User A will be added to User B, and User A will be deactivated.
  • User B will be the active account and the user will need to sign in using User B’s credentials.
  • The resulting merged user will have the profile photo, department, business unit, and manager of User A.

User Notification

Socialcast does not notify the user when a merge occurs. The community administrator should alert the user of the merge.