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Send Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Messages

Using Broadcast Messages, Community administrators or Broadcast Admins can send announcements to every user in the community. Socialcast posts broadcast messages in the company stream and admins will have the option to notify every member by email, even if the member has turned off email notifications. Members using the Socialcast mobile application will also receive a message if they have turned on push notification. Community Members can filter their streams by Broadcast Messages to quickly pull up previous broadcasts. Group Admins also have broadcasting capabilities at the group level. Send Broadcast Message Broadcast messages that appear in the stream have a unique, bold visual appearance that sets them apart from the other messages. View Broadcast Message  

Priority Messages

Community Admins, Broadcast Admins, and Group Admins are able to create Broadcast messages that will persist for a specified amount of time. Priority Message               Priority messages are stylized to catch the attention of your community members and will persist at the top of the stream until the message is “Marked as Read” by the member. Priority Message Display