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Button Extension

Button Extensions allow community members to share, recommend, or ask for review on content from within any SharePoint, intranet, or business system environment that supports HTML/JavaScript.

Google Gadgets: Be aware that you cannot create a Google Gadget that contains a Button Extension.

How It Works

The user views a page with a button extension. Any user can see the button, regardless of whether or not they are logged into Socialcast. However, a user must be logged in before using the button.

Button Extension

When the user clicks the button, Socialcast sends a message from the business system to the community reflecting the purpose of the button. For example, a Request Assistance button click would generate a message asking for help. The message identifies the business system and lists information (title, description, and URL) about the page where the Button Extension is located. If they’re interested, other community members can follow the link to the shared page.

The Send Thanks button operates differently from the other button types. When a user clicks on a Send Thanks button, Socialcast prompts them to designate the recipient, write a personal message, and then select the type of Thanks (Communication, Problem Solver, Teamwork, etc.). Once the user submits the Thanks information, Socialcast places the typical Thanks message in the company stream.

Send Thanks Configuration

Recommend and Like buttons differ from the other types because you can choose to display a count or a list of member names next to the button. When the user clicks either of these buttons, Socialcast sends a message to the community and then adjusts the button count and/or list of user names as appropriate.

Unique Configuration Instructions

Button Type Options

To create a Button Extension, follow the instructions in Setting up a Reach Extension. In the wizard, choose the button name on the Extension Type page. Then, on the Configuration page, you must select the look of the button (see right). The available options depend on the button text. For example, you cannot use a counter next to a Request Review button.

Security: All Button Extensions require that a user be logged in before they can use the button. During configuration, you must select the Login Required option.