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Discussion Extension

A Discussion Extension allows users to comment on a particular web page. Socialcast creates a single message with a comment thread and displays the information in both the Discussion Extension and in the Socialcast community. Community members can follow and participate in the discussion from within Socialcast or by visiting the web page where the Discussion Extension is located.

For example, your human resources department might add a page to the intranet describing a new 401(k) benefit. By adding a Discussion Extension to the page, you can centralize all the communication surrounding the new benefit, in effect creating a knowledgebase of questions and answers. Everyone benefits from the open, real-time conversation taking place on the page.

Google Gadgets: Be aware that you cannot create a Google Gadget that contains a Discussion Extension.

How It Works

The user visits a web page with a Discussion Extension:

Discussion Extension

The user can view the entire discussion, but Reach will prompt them to log in if they attempt to add their own comment. Any new comments appear in both the Discussion Extension and the Socialcast community. By default, the message itself is owned by the business system so community members can easily find the message in the company stream by looking for the business system photo. However, you can also associate the discussion with a particular group so the comment thread appears within the group stream and not the company stream.

Security:If you prefer to limit the discussion to community members only, you can configure the Discussion Extension to display a login prompt instead of the discussion content. This option prevents discussion comments from appearing until users log in.

Unique Configuration Instructions

To create a Discussion Extension, follow the instructions in Setting up a Reach Extension. You have the option to associate the discussion with a particular group by supplying a public or private group name in the Scope to Group field. A group discussion appears as a distinct comment thread within the group stream.

Public Group Discussion You can configure the extension so that Anyone Can View it, even people who are not members of the group. If a user tries to add a comment, Reach will prompt them to log in. Any user who has logged in can comment in a public group discussion.
Private Group Discussion Reach requires you to configure the private group discussion extensions as Sign In Required. Only authenticated Socialcast users who are members of the private group can view or participate in the discussion.