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Recent Thanks Extension

The Recent Thanks Extension displays the latest community Thanks message. Viewers can scroll through the entire community history of Thanks messages or even create a new Thanks message.

Google Gadgets: Be aware that you cannot create a Google Gadget that contains a Recent Thanks Extension.

How It Works

The user visits a page containing a Recent Thanks Extension and sees the most recent Thanks message:

Recent Thanks Extension

By clicking on the left and right arrows at the bottom of the extension, the user can view other Thanks messages. The user can also click on the Send Thanks link to recognize other members of the community. This link functions in the same way as a Send Thanks Button Extension. The extension prompts the user for the necessary information:

Send Thanks Configuration

When the user clicks Submit, the new Thanks will appear in the Recent Thanks Extension. Socialcast will also place the Thanks message in the company stream.

Security: If you prefer to keep the Thanks information private, you can require users to log in before they can view the Recent Thanks Extension. The user must be logged in before sending a new Thanks message.

Unique Configuration Instructions

To create a Recent Thanks Extension, follow the instructions in Setting up a Reach Extension. There are no special configuration fields for this particular extension type.