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Stream Extension

The Stream Extension allows you to insert a variety of different streams into the target business system. For example, you might embed the Sales group stream into a Salesforce CRM page so your sales people can easily update colleagues in the community while they’re working in Salesforce. Or, you might embed a home stream into a JIRA page so QA analysts can stay current with their Socialcast community while working in JIRA.

You can also use a Stream Extension to embed a Socialcast profile into a web page. You may want to add the profile to a SharePoint user page or some other business system profile page. Viewers of the page would see all the user’s Socialcast community activity as well as their contact information.

How It Works

The user views a page with a Stream Extension.

Stream Extension

The user can scroll through the stream and read any messages of interest. The user can also comment on existing messages or share an update just as if they were participating from within Socialcast. If the user tries to enter any data, Socialcast will prompt them to log in.

Security: If you prefer to limit stream access to community members only, you can configure the Stream Extension to display a login prompt instead of the stream content. This option prevents the stream text from appearing until users log in.

Unique Configuration Instructions

To create a Stream Extension, follow the instructions in Setting up a Reach Extension. Use the following table to help you choose the type of Stream Extension on the Deployment Type page of the wizard.


Displays a user profile, including the user’s activity stream. You can specify the user through Open Graph Protocol (OGP) metadata or the Reach JavaScript application programming interface (API). In both cases you must supply an email address. If Socialcast does not find an email address, the extension will display the profile of the viewing user.

For OGP: Place the og:email tag on the page containing the extension. For example:

<html prefix="og:">
<meta name="og:email" content="" />

For API: Add the email option to the Reach Extension definition object to override any addresses found in the OGP metadata.

Company Displays the company stream.
Group Displays a particular group stream. If you select this option, you must also enter the group type (public or private) and the name of the group. If you select a private group, you must choose the Login Required login policy. To create an extension for a private group, you must have access to that group.
Custom Displays a custom stream that’s filtered by people or by tags. Select a People or Tag filter. Then specify which people or tags you want to include.
Home Displays the home stream of the logged in user.
Default Displays the default stream of the logged in user.