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Managing Business Systems

A business system is an external web application that you can integrate with Socialcast. A single business system can have multiple extensions. For example, you might embed a dynamic home stream on the Salesforce dashboard page and multiple discussion steams on various project pages.

The following table describes the actions you can perform on business systems. Nearly all are accessible through the business systems summary page (Admin > Reach > Business Systems).

Managing Business Systems
View all

You can view a list of all the business systems in your community. Sort the list alphabetically by clicking on the Name header.

Admin > Reach > Business Systems


You can modify any of the business system attributes including name, URL, description, photo, and the Exclude From Company Stream toggle.

Admin > Reach > Business Systems > Edit


Refer to Creating a Business System for more details.

Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions > Create a New Extension button. In Step 1 of the wizard, select the Create New option under Business System.


Admin > Reach > Business Systems > Create a New Business System button

View extensions

You can view a list of the extensions in every business system. The list gives the name of the extension, the extension type, and the name of the administrator who created it.

Admin > Reach > Business Systems > View Extensions

Get API Endpoint

Using Socialcast’s application programming interface (API) you can request or post content on behalf of a business system. The API endpoint is a unique URL for the business system that you can use in an API call. See the API documentation for more details.

Admin > Reach > Business Systems > API Endpoint

View extension activity

Socialcast creates a profile page for each business system where you can view the activity related to the extensions embedded in that system.

Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions > External System

Creating a Business System

There are two ways to create a business system: from the Business System summary page (Admin > Reach > Business Systems > Create a New Business System button) or while you’re creating an extension (Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions > Create a New Extension button > Business System/Create New option). Both approaches lead you to the same configuration form:

Creating a Business System
Business System

The business system name is typically the name of the web application, for example: Salesforce CRM, SharePoint, JIRA. This name appears in any messages the business system sends to the Socialcast community.


The URL appears as a link on the business system profile page. This information is for reference only and allows members to quickly access the entry point for the business system. Individual extensions do not use this URL to function.

System Type

The system type refers to the deployment type of the extension (HTML, SharePoint web part, or Google gadget). This field does not appear when you create a business system during the course of creating an extension because Socialcast already knows what type of extension you’re creating. The field does appear when you create the business system from the business system summary page.


The description appears on the business system profile page to give the viewer context for the information they’re seeing.


The photo you upload appears in any messages the business system sends to the community. We recommend using a photo to help members quickly identify business system messages in the stream. You can use PNG, GIF, or JPG files. The maximum file size is 4MB.

Exclude from Company Stream

If you check this box, none of the business system messages will appear in the company stream. A member would see these messages only if they were @mentioned or if they or someone they followed interacted with the extension – by clicking a Like button or commenting on a business system message, for example.