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Managing Reach Extensions

You can view a list of all the Reach Extensions within the system from the following summary page (Admin > Reach > Reach Extension). From this page you can perform a variety of functions on each extension (see table below).

Managing Reach Extensions
View all

The Reach Extension summary page displays all the extensions. You can sort the list by any column except Actions. Click on the header name to reorder the rows. You can also filter the extensions so that only the active or inactive extensions appear.

Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions


When you edit an existing extension, Socialcast presents you with the same configuration wizard used to create the extension. You can alter the configuration information, change the styling, and regenerate the code.

Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions > Edit

Reuse Code

You can reuse the code for an existing extension as long as you place it in the same business system. For example, you might use the same Like button throughout an entire SharePoint site.

Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions > Copy Code/Get Web Part/Install Gadget


The preview feature allows you to see how the extension will look when you deploy it.

Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions > Preview


When you deactivate a Reach Extension, the code associated with it ceases to function. Socialcast recommends that you also uninstall or remove the code from the business system.

Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions > Edit

There is a Deactivate link at the bottom of the Configuration page in the wizard.


You can reactivate a deactivated extension at any time.

Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions

You can view all the inactive extensions by selecting the Inactive filter at the top. Find the one you want to reactivate and click on the Edit link in the Actions column. Go to the Configuration page in the wizard and then click on the Reactivate link.


Refer to Setting up a Reach Extension.