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3. Configure the Extension

Depending on the extension type, there are different settings you need to configure. All extensions, however, require that you enter a name and specify whether or not the viewer must log in before they can see the extension.

Typical configuration screen
Name Enter a descriptive name that will help you identify the extension on the Reach Extension summary page.
Who can view your extension?

Decide whether you want the discussion to be visible to anyone or just to community users.

If you select Login Required, Socialcast will display a login prompt in place of the discussion information if the user is not logged in. As soon as the user does log in, the extension will appear.

If you select Anyone Can View, the extension will display in read-only mode for users who are not logged in. When a user attempts to join the conversation, Socialcast will prompt the user to log in.

Save & Continue Click Continue to save the configuration settings.

For more information about fields that are particular to each extension type, refer to the corresponding extension type section.