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This page explains how to troubleshoot some common problems that you may run into when creating Reach Extensions.

The Reach Extension doesn’t appear, but I’ve included the Reach code on my page. Why isn’t the Reach Extension loading?

  • Check for a JavaScript syntax error, like a trailing comma, in the Reach Extension definition object. Refer to Customizing the Reach Snippet for a sample object definition.
  • The container element specified in the definition may be inaccessible or not exist. In this case, Reach will append the extension to the bottom of the document body.
  • The Reach Extension may be disabled or not exist. In this case, Reach will display an error message on the host page. You can also check for the extension in the Socialcast Admin panel (Admin > Reach > Reach Extensions). Enter the token in the search box to quickly locate the extension.

I can’t adjust the size of the Reach Extension by modifying the container values.

If you can’t get the results you want by changing the height and width of the container, try using the iframeHeight and iframeWidth parameters in the Reach Extension definition object. The Reach Extension HTML is an IFRAME (…) nested within the container.

The Reach Extension doesn’t display any comments that people have added to a discussion or stream.

Reach associates comments with the exact URL of the page where they were created. In some situations, the URL of the page may change between page requests because the application controlling the page appends query string parameters to the URL. When you visit the URL again, Reach will consider it a different page because the query string is different. As a result, Reach won’t display any comments that were associated with the original URL. The best solution to this issue is to configure Reach to ignore the query string and associate just the base URL with the comments. To do this, set the queryString parameter in the Reach Extension definition object to false.